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Jubok Housing & Real Estate Development Ltd.

Success lies in the ability to adapt with the changing times. That is something Jubok Housing & Real Estate Development Ltd. has learnt over the past years. We have also learnt how to anticipate that changes and then modeling our services to meet the needs of our valuable clients.

Jubok Housing & Real Estate Development Ltd. is one of the sister concerns of Jubo Karmasangsthan society-- a leading socio-economic concern for mass development, ornamented with unparalleled trust and success with all its activities in the field of humanitarian services, social developments, job creating enterprises, telecommunication systems and multidimensional commercial ventures.

With the aim to be the Leader in the field of creative Developments, Jubok Housing & Real Estate Development Ltd. is formed with the most reputed Consultants, Architects with visions, Engineers of various disciplines and outstanding experts in the relevant fields. The primary aim is to form a team of visionaries to formulate ultramodern, usually creative and unmatched developments in the area of Low and medium housing as well as commercial building sectors. All modern technologies and materials suitable for our country and the users will be introduced in our development works.

Having safe housing facility is one of the key rights for every people. After the years of independence, wishing such privilege is like the beginning of a nightmare. Our 30% people are floated slum people-live in makeshift houses (known as 'Bosti'). But the circumstance is not also healthier for the rest of the people - nevertheless they have managed to hold a roof over their head. By targeting such enormous demand basically, of the rejected lower income people, Jubok Housing has begun a achievable land development project- by arranging 5,000 plots in the primary stage and then 10,000 plots in the following. Other than the costly plots of the existing housing companies, it has majored the districts and thanas in spreading this decentralization concept.
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